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National Award for Best IRCA

Hon'ble Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India interacting with 

Dr. H. Indramani Singh, General Secretary of 


What We Do


Rural Health Organisation (RHO)  envisioned a  more  active role for rural, poor  urban  and  tribal population to  aid  in  making communities as self-reliant as possible, and  show how village and  indigenous  resources could be used and how human resources, rural  skills and   local  knowledge, grossly underutilized at present could  be used for their own development. We are working for the development and upliftment of these disadvantaged population ...................................

Who We Are


Rural Health Organisation (RHO)  is a non-profit making Voluntary Organisation working for over 33 years in the state of Manipur in India. Our mission is to promote the health and socio-economic status of the rural, poor urban and tribal people of Manipur. We deliver our services to fulfill our mission through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS, Women and Child Welfare, Health & Education, Promotion of Adolescents, Youth, Elderly ................................

Substance Abuse & HIV AIDS

Women & Child Welfare

Health & Education

Environment Promotion

Our Works

Adolescents & Youth Promotion

Elderly People Promotion

Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS


43,240+ Addicts and high risk groups are benefitted through our Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Programmes

Women & Child Welfare


5,349+ Women and Children are benefitted through our Women and Child Welfare Programmes

Adolescents & Youth


8,430+ adolescents and youths are benefitted through our Adolescents and Youth Promotion Programmes



1,70,330+ populations are benefitted through our various Environment Promotion Programmes

Health & Education


70,83,137+ rural populations are benefitted through our various Health and Education Programmes

Elderly People


30,150+ elderly people are benefitted through our Elderly People Health care and Welfare Programmes

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Latest News & Events

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  • Rural Health Organisation has changed the lives of more than 1 crore (10 million) rural population since 1986.

  • We rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics and bring them back to the social mainstream.

  • We get destitute women and girls access to shelter, food, clothing, health care, vocational activities and protect them from harm and abuse.

  • We provide health care and health awareness programmes for the underprivileged rural population in remote and hard to reach hilly areas of Manipur.

  • We reach out to the rural elderly population through our outreach programmes for elderly people.

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