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Mission & Objectives




Our mission is to promote the health and socio-economic status of rural, poor urban and tribal people in the state of Manipur in India.


  • To render service for the welfare of the needy people in rural areas by establishing a rural charitable hospital

  • To encourage the establishment of nursing training school to give training to young girls to be brought up brighter lives for themselves and others.

  • To provide medical services towards the opening of basic laboratory/ investigation centre to solve the urgent troubles. 

  • To establish the mobile medical units to give Medical Services in rural and hilly areas of Manipur.

  • To impact medical knowledge to the public and encourage for the establishment of medical institution and research centre for the development of medical services and public health.

  • To raise funds by receiving donation, subscriptions etc from members and public, and financial assistance from State, Central and Foreign Governments and Private Agencies.

  • To promote enhancement of health standard, medical knowledge, social and family welfare to the people, especially in rural areas and establishment of a medical complex centre.

  • To encourage and promote all activities which are helpful for the enhancement of rural development and prosperity.

  • To encourage and promote all activities which are helpful for the enhancement of development and welfare of the people of Manipur.

  • To work in the field of Drug-abuse Prevention , Prohibition, HIV/AIDS Control Programmes, Agriculture and

  • Animal Husbandry, Fishery, Forestry and Environment, Indigenous System of Medicines, Indian System of Medicines and Homoeopathy.

  • To promote Youths and Sports, Rural Library, Women and Child Development Programmes, Establishment of Educational Centres.

  • To work on Promotion of welfare of persons with disability, Welfare of Aged, Women and Girls and Children.

  • To promote Health Services and setting up of clinics of cancer, AIDS, T.B, Mental illness, Malaria, Pediatrics, etc.

  • To open vocational Training Centres, Residential Hostels and Homes and Educational Institutions, Research Centres etc.

  • To work in the fields of Horticulture, Floriculture, Medicinal Plantation , Small industries and social welfare programmes.

  • Rural Health Organisation has changed the lives of more than 1 crore (10 million) rural population since 1986.

  • We rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics and bring them back to the social mainstream.

  • We get destitute women and girls access to shelter, food, clothing, health care, vocational activities and protect them from harm and abuse.

  • We provide health care and health awareness programmes for the underprivileged rural population in remote and hard to reach hilly areas of Manipur.

  • We reach out to the rural elderly population through our outreach programmes for elderly people.

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