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National Environment Awareness Campaign

















The Rural Health Organisation has been regularly conducting the National Environment Awareness Campaign annually since 1992 under the sponsorship of Ministry of  Forest and Environment, Government of   India. The objective of the campaign is to promote environment and to raise awareness on healthy environment.


Services provided through the campaign include Environmental Awareness Speech, Tree plantation, Proper management of solid waste, Cleaning of river banks and Involvement of community in proper management of hazardous waste.

Since 1992, the campaign has benefitted more than 50,000 rural population.

Swacchata Pakhwada Campaign

















The Rural Health Organisation has observed the Swacchata Pakwada Campaign from 16th to 31st July 2018.


The Objective of the Campaign is  to ensure cleanliness in the premises of the Organisation and also to encourage the local population to take up cleanliness drive such as keeping their homes, surroundings, roads, parks, pathways, public places, etc. scrupulously clean, safe disposal of domestic waste, planting of saplings, encourage social forestry, personnel hygiene, sanitation and keeping environment pollution free, etc.

Activities undertaken include Oath taking ceremony by the functionaries and staff of Rural Health Organisation to encourage and ensure cleanliness in the office and surroundings of the Organisation; Cleanliness Drive at the campus of New Light De-addiction Centre by the staff and inmates;  Cleanliness Drive at the Approach Road to New Light De-addiction Centre by the staff, inmates and local youths; Cleanliness Awareness Progammes in the surrounding villages to New Light De-addiction Centre and Tree Plantation at the campus of New Light De-addiction Centre.

Bio-Medical Waste Management Initiative

















The Rural Health Organisation has implemented a project entitled – “A Bio-Medical Waste Management Initiative in Lower Health Care Facilities through Community Involvement” during 2011-13, supported by Environment Equity & Justice Partnership (EEJP), New Delhi. The project covered Community Health Centres (CHCs), Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Primary Health Sub-Centres (PHSCs), Dispensaries and Laboratories in Imphal West district of Manipur, India.

The mission of the project is to promote proper Bio-Medical Waste Management in the lower health care facilities which include Community Health Centres (CHCs), Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Primary Health Sub-Centres (PHSCs), Dispensaries and Laboratories attached to these health facilities and to aware the community on the hazards of bio-medical waste.

Activities undertaken through the project include Community Mobilization for the management of Bio-Medical Waste; Training on Bio-Medical Waste Management  for Medical Officers, para-medical staffs, waste Handlers and ASHAs; Formation of Bio-Medical Waste Management Committee; Preparation of Bio-Medical Waste management Plan; Implementation of Bio-Medical Waste management Plan and Community Awareness Programmes on Bio-Medical Waste Management.


The project has trained 280 health staffs and ASHAs and provided awareness to about 1.2 lakh rural population on bio-medical waste.

Mercury Free Initiative In Hospitals In Imphal

















The Rural Health Organisation has implemented a project entitled "Mercury Free Initiative in Hospitals in Imphal" under the sponsorship of Environmental Equity & Justice Partnership (EEJP), New Delhi during the month of June – July 2012. The project is undertaken in partnerships with Chief Medical Officer (Imphal West), District Family Welfare Officer (Imphal West), and Manipur Pollution Control Board, Imphal.

The objectives of the project is are to establish one mercury free hospital in Manipur; to organize a state level round table meeting of all the stakeholders involved and to push for a state level intervention; to organize training for health care staffs on mercury toxicity and to work with the concerned authorities towards issuing an order for phasing out mercury from the health care units of the state.

Activities undertaken through the project include Training-Cum-Awareness Programme For Health Care Staffs On Mercury Free Initiative In Health Care Sectors In Manipur; State Level Meeting for Stakeholders from different health care sectors on Mercury Free Initiative in Health Care Sectors in Manipur; IEC Materials On Mercury Toxicity And Reduction; Establishing Shija Hospitals as Mercury Free Hospital In Manipur; Held dialogue with Manipur Pollution Control Board, Imphal (concerned regulatory authority) for issuing an order on mercury phasing out from health care sectors in Manipur.


The project has trained 50 health staffs and established Shija Hospitals as Mercury Free Hospital In Manipur. In consequence to RHO's effort, Manipur Pollution Control Board issued notice to all Chief Medical Officers in Manipur to gradually phase out mercury from Govt. health care sectors in Manipur.


Our Work

  • Rural Health Organisation has changed the lives of more than 1 crore (10 million) rural population since 1986.

  • We rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics and bring them back to the social mainstream.

  • We get destitute women and girls access to shelter, food, clothing, health care, vocational activities and protect them from harm and abuse.

  • We provide health care and health awareness programmes for the underprivileged rural population in remote and hard to reach hilly areas of Manipur.

  • We reach out to the rural elderly population through our outreach programmes for elderly people.

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